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Issue catalogue

Women Against Violence Journal - Issue 11


Cover: Artist - Naomi Anthony, 'Held' reproduced with the permission of Naomi Anthony and the Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault, Heidelberg, Victoria from the publication, Inside Out Outside In: Wounding While Healing


Once Were Warriors
by Di Lucas


Questioning domestic violence orthodoxies: Challenging the social construction of women as victims and as being responsible for stopping male violence
Donna Chung

Interpersonal violence services in Western Australia: politics, policies and practices
Maggie Woodhead, Pamela Weatherill, Elizabeth Reid Boyd, Lekkie Hopkins Suellen Murray

Access and equity in services against sexual violence
Wendy Weeks

Bars Behind Bars
Sisters Inside

Responding to heterosexist hate: a gender critique of coalitionist strategies in NSW
Nicole Asquith

Research Reports

'How Do I Prove I Saw His Shadow?' A review essay presenting Katzen and Kelly's research
Greta Bird

Barriers to cervical screening experienced by victim/survivors of sexual assault pilot study
Karen Carlson


Trafficking in women for prostitution
Kathleen Maltzahn

Conference Report

Expanding our horizons: understanding the complexity of violence against women
Wendy Weeks and Devaki Monani