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Women Against Violence Journal - Issue 14

July 2003

Cover: Artist - Andres Clark, 'Rape in context of war', produced as part of Breaking the Silence: A display about stopping violence against women


The psychological impact of sexual slavery of trafficked women: parallels with torture, sexual abuse and domestic violence
Felicity Rousseaux

Sexual assault, criminal justice and law and order
Julie Stubbs

Don't believe the hype: young women's experience of male violence in the 'Girl Power' era
Joanne Baker

Managing violence? Feminist management practice in a domestic violence service
Alison Bartlett, Rosemary Campbell, Louise Whitaker

Culture, social discourse and domestic violence: what is the connection?
Carolyn Noble and Cathy Bettman

The self-confessed perpetrator and the Australian legal system that sanctioned the crime


A legal presumption of joint residence
Pia van de Zandt

Women in detention: indefinite detention for asylum seekers
Nancy Cooper

Working for women's safety
Glenda Beecher

Conference Report

Visitor's Reflections: Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault International Conference 2003
Ayako (Aya) Choya