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Crisis care

CASA House's Crisis Care service provides counselling, support, information and advocacy in relation to medical and legal options to all adult victim/survivors of sexual assault. This is a 24-hour service. Victim/survivors can access this service within 14 days of being assaulted. CASA House can be contacted directly, or victim/survivors may choose to ask a family member, worker or friend to make the initial contact.

Crisis care counselling supports the victim/survivor to make informed decisions

Crisis care services are founded on respect for victim/survivors' choices

Therefore, crisis care counselling provides information and support in order for the victim/survivor to make informed decisions about her medical care and legal options. All victim/survivors have a right to the following in crisis care counselling:

Crisis care medical services are about the victim/survivor's choice of medical treatment

There are three options regarding crisis care medical examinations. Victim/survivors may choose a forensic medical examination, a general medical examination, or no medical examination at all.

Crisis care principles are founded on the belief of victim/survivors

The experience of not being believed is common among victim/survivors. This in part explains why the crime of sexual assault is so under reported. Crisis care services are founded on the following principles:

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For more information about crisis care at CASA House or to access the service contact us.