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How can I get CASA House to come and speak at my school?

"I believe that everything we learned in these sessions we will be able to use to help ourselves or someone else some day." Melina, aged 15

CASA House offers the Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Secondary Schools (SAPPSS). It is a whole - school program with components for school staff, middle school (year 9/10) students, Peer Educators and policy development.

"I learned what age you have to be to have or be involved in sexual activity."

"I learned that you can be assaulted by anyone even if you trust them."

"I learned that it is never your fault if you get sexually harassed."

"I learned that if you agree to sex and you're still uncomfortable it's sexual assault."

"I learned that there are a lot of reasons why people who have been assaulted don't tell."

"I learned that I do not have to be forced into anything."

Are you interested? Give us a call on 9635 3600 to talk about what we can do at your school.

"Your program helped me so much and it was very exciting and interesting to learn about this stuff. If anything happened, I'd come to CASA House." Kylie, aged 16